Why I Became a Photographer

July 22, 2015

My Story – Why I Became a Photographer

I’m often asked about the path that brought me to being a photographer, and my answer is always the same, I love people, art, and I hold memories very dear to me. So the fact I can capture all of that together, is seriously the coolest to me.


The Beginning.

It all started for me when I was a little girl, I had dozens of digital cameras (the reason I had dozens is because I seemed to loose them a lot. Sorry Dad). As a little girl tho, I loved to run around with my camera and  spy on my brothers…I was alwa1395296_353607041442599_1559838574_nys obsessed with the ability of a camera to freeze time.

My Junior Year in high-school I decided to take a leap and buy a really nice camera. I mean, lets be honest, a ‘Canon rebel x’ really isn’t that nice of a camera, but to me, it was like owning a piece of gold! Having invested so much into my camera, I committed myself to learning it and creating a hobby out of it.

It all started with photographing my little sisters, and other little kiddos.
As Any beginner and aspiring photographer, I tried to be as creative as possible with my pictures…

Stand and smile.

Walk and smile.

Put in a wheel barrow

Put in a bucket.

Put in a crib.


Growing Up

As I got older, my love of photography grew, and I started to branch out and take pictures of stuff other than my little siblings (They were probably relieved).

After highschool, I started a small mentoring session under a loacal Photographer, Yafeh Photography. She took me to shoots, taught me lighting, camera settings and more.Not long after, I upgraded my camera to a Canon t3i.

From that moment on, I was properly hooked; I could change lenses and I felt so cool! No longer one of those ‘tourists taking snapshots’ – I was now a PROPER PHOTOGRAPHER! My skill started to grow, I was shooting in RAW and MANUAL. What a revelation! At last I could actually make the camera do what I wanted it to do, rather than just pointing, pressing the shutter, and hoping.


The Turning Point.

It wasn’t till 2 Years after high school that I photographed my first engagement session and wedding. That Is when decided I wanted to make this my living, my job, my income. I pursued online videos and classes for the business side of things, I invested into professional equiptment…Photography was becoming a Passion and Love for me.

I began to see the world with different eyes… how the moon light or morning light slanting through a window was – in and of itself – beautiful; how a wrinkled, freckled face was as fascinating as a flawless one; how the flowing leaves on the tree tops seemed to be dancing. I realised the piece of plastic and metal I took everywhere had became an extension of my arm, and a lens through which I appreciated life from a fresh new perspective.

Something inside told me that this was important, and I knew then that photography was my passion

And Now:

Here I am, Living the dream, Doing what I love.
I own a Professional Photography business, I work with amazing local businesses, and I own a Photo booth.

I Serve amazing clients, create images that connect people to the beauty of themselves and Nature, and I am in the driving seat of my own life’s ventures.

Thank you all for the opportunity and the support of my Passion.



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