Trevor + Hannah: a Fontainebleau Inn Wedding

August 18, 2015

The flowers were ready,

the suits picked up,

the dresses pressed,

and the many heads of hair were being curled.

The day that Hannah has waited for, The day Hannah has dreamed about, The Day Trevor had in mind when he asked Hannah to marry him.
Every detail was carefully thought out and done.
The guest were arriving, the music playing, the tissues ready.

This is the day there became a Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Smalley.

This wedding was perfect, and held at a beautiful lakeside inn, near Ithaca, NewYork. The detail is what made it special–from the hand made bouquets, to the personalized coffee favors. From the fitted suits to the flower crowns.
There was antique furniture, Babies breath, and striped straws.

This wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever photographed. It started with the Grooms tears as he saw his Bride coming to meet him, The brides tears as this day to be his has been greatly awaited, and families tears of joy.

The days was filled with tears, laughter, great toasts, fun dancing, and so much joy.


Also, here is a list of the many great businesses that made this day special for them both.

Florals, props, planning & design by Terra Rosa, assisted by Michaleen’s Florist and Garden Center
Makeup & hair by Miel Beauty Bar & Lotus Beauty Lounge

Venue at the Fontainebleau Inn
Catering by H&J Hospitality 
Music by DJ Nicky Wood
econd Shooter Photographer: Emilee Andrews

Check out their Engagement session HERE

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