Eden – Senior – Elmira NY

November 2, 2017

My little sister is a Senior! I seriously cant believe it! I have a set of three sisters who all graduated one year after the other and Eden is the last of the set. (insert all the tears) now i have to wait a few years for the last set of girls!

Eden had been asking me for weeks to do her Senior Pictures and I just kept putting her off. I had been sick all year, hadn’t been shooting at all and honestly kept saying no from a mixture of still not feeling well and a lack of confidence from not shooting. I mean, I had done both of her older sisters pics the 2 years before and i didn’t wanna disappoint her and just throw something together…..
Finally i gave in and 2 days later we were out doing her shoot. We hadn’t really talked locations or style or anything that much, so we kinda just went with it as we shot. We also almost cancelled cuz it was so dreary out, but the sun started peaking thru an hour before her shoot, sooo, um, amazing!  Guys, this was so much fun, and it was so easy, and autumn just held on to all of its beauty just long enough for us to capture it.
i love these.
i hope you love them too.

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