2016 Bedzyk Family Recap

December 27, 2016

I’m not a big journal-er. If I am being honest, I don’t have the patience or self control to be consist enough to journal. Which is a really sad thing because I want to remember the special moments of my life. This is one reason why I am so thankful for photography and even the simpleness of an iPhone video. All that to say, I thought it would be fun to recap this year. It has been a big year for us and there is so much that happened that I don’t want to forget about. I also thought it might be fun to share a little about our lives and the craziness that we are apart of.

2016 started with us 20 Weeks pregnant with our first child. Which, of course was a huge deal, because it was our first. lol. We had just found out we were going to have a boy(which was the best thing ever)
The next few months weren’t very eventful. We finished our nursery, had baby showers,got chickens, and enjoyed life together as we knew it, as we waited for our new life to start.

MAY- the long awaited month. (I am going to try to sum this up without going all “birth story” on ya cuz That is still coming…..)
Oliver was Born via C-Section on May 13th. He was 7lb 15oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. He was our long awaited baby and we were thrilled and honored to have him.
This was also an exciting month because it was the start to Mitch’s final year of Seminary to graduate with his Master’s.

When we had Oliver, I was (and still am) determined to have him be on a schedule, but also be flexible. Yes, I know every parent wants that. But, I think that the amount of traveling we did, and still do with him, and the fact we would go to friends in the evenings allowed him to be this way. He is very scheduled in the fact he has the same nap and bed times(and he knows and goes right to sleep. Praise Jesus) but he also can sleep most places, if he has his sound machine. He associates the noise with sleep. Its a beautiful puzzle.

JUNE- 6 weeks old,  we took him on a 3 day camping trip. We love camping so much, and were so excited to be able to get him joining us so soon. He slept in a Moses basket thru the nights and was typically cuddled thru the days- cuz, who doesn’t wanna cuddle a new baby.


JULY- the following weekend after our camping trip, When he was 7 weeks old, we had him traveling with us to Duxbury, MA, were my husband watched him in a hotel room for 9 hours while I shot a wedding. talk about being pushed into fatherhood. – He was amazing! Seriously incredible. How many first time dads would do that so willingly? However, Honestly, the day was hard for us all – for me, us being apart, and for Mitch, a newborn that wouldn’t sleep. But, I think it was really good for us both and turned out to be a super healthy thing. It helped Daddy realize what every day is like here at home and resulted in him being more compassionate and helpful in the days to follow, and It also made me more appreciative of  Him and how sacrificial and helpful he is to us.

AUGUST was so much fun! We went to Canada with Mitch’s family. It was a blast sight seeing and getting to vacation with his family for the first time.

SEPTEMBER- We went on vacation with MY family. This is always a blast because of the amount of people and how young so many of my siblings still are.

OCTOBER- was a break month for our traveling, but Mitch’s brother and his wife had their first child this month, so Oliver gained another Cousin. So that was pretty big and exciting.

NOVEMBER- We drove down to Kentucky and stayed with family for a few days as Mitch attended a worship conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

DECEMBER- This was our first Christmas with Oliver, and it was so much fun! I wish I had more pictures from Christmas to share, but my memory card died…-__- so, here are some more recent cute ones. Oh, Also, Oliver cut two teeth this month! 


In summary, This was a year filled with a new life, traveling, seminary, and photography. We are blessed and thankful that we get to live the lives we do with the people and family we have.

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